Welcome to Theta Xi

Theta Xi is an MIT fraternity situated in Kenmore Square, Boston. We are a diverse group of people (yes, we know that’s clichĂ©, but its true!). Some of us like playing board games, others go sky diving, and others like working out at the gym. Brothers like watching classic movies, playing pool, DJing, and eating froyo.

Despite being in Boston, we are still very active on campus. We have brothers involved in Concert Choir, Rubik’s Cube Club, Dance Troupe, Educational Studies Progam, Undergraduate Association, Model United Nations club, Symphonic Orchestra, MedLinks, Active Minds, and Chinese Students’ Club. Basically, if you name it, we have a brother who’s into it.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Theta Xi is to provide a college home environment for its active members in which fellowship and alumni guidance lead to wholesome mental, moral, physical, and spiritual growth. To that end Theta Xi actively supports and augments college and community efforts to make individual members more mature and chapter groups more useful units of society. Through its alumni and undergraduate leadership Theta Xi endeavors to assist each member to develop ONE, Intellectual curiosity that assures the highest scholarship rating consistent with his ability; TWO, habits that lead to better mental and physical health; THREE, sincerity in his association with others and confidence in himself; FOUR, responsibility to chapter, community, and country; FIVE, leadership that comes from practicing the principles of democratic self-government; SIX, interests and activities outside regular scholastic studies that employ spare time to advantage; SEVEN, spiritual understanding that provides a reservoir of strength to draw upon when faced with conditions beyond comprehension.