James Allen


I worked at the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commition as an App developer. Seriously.


Joren Lauwers


I'm the resident Belgian at Theta Xi, and an fan of beer and cheese. I'm into woodworking and down to work on pretty much every project you can come up with!


Jacky Jiang

3 & 6

I am Jacky. Talk to me if you are interested in EE, material science, computer game, CHINA!, or just random life stuff.


Andrew Koh


Ask me about cooking sometime, and I'll tell you how to cook a steak or something.


Kevin Cho


I'm from an island called Guam, probably don't know where that is but feel free to ask! I love to chill and meet new people, or just stay in my room to play league all day with the brothers.


Robert Rusch


In my spare time, I enjoy baking, glassblowing, piano, video games, and setting small fires. I enjoy these things in my nonspare time as well.


Eunsoo Jee


Hi, I'm Eunsoo. I'm from Korea and love basketball, K-pop and league of legends. Talk to me if you're interested in any of these!


Camilo Espinosa

7 & 18

Hey there! I'm an international student from Colombia and a Bio-and-something-else major in the works. I love hip-hop dancing, which I discovered at MIT, coffee (unsurprisingly), wandering around Boston, and sassing people out (it’s really fun!).


Yonah Borns-Weil


Hey girl, I'm a math major, so I love numbers. What's yours?


Benjamin Garcia


You are the sweetest sound in the garden of my heart.


Luke Eure


I'm on the swim team and love music, physics, laughing, learning, and talking about interesting things. Teach me something! Also I like pizza.


Ryan Welch


I might be from California. Also might be a course 6-2. I like sports, gym, piano, dance, singing, talking, eating, and other fun stuff. Bring me In n Out plz


Eric Lin

6-3 and 9

Perfect has 7 letters but so does meeeeee.


Juan Romero


I've successfully managed to teach this lot how to use a laser cutter. Feel free to talk to me about gaming, mechanical engineering stuff, bad robots, or your life!


Kentaro Tanaka


It's LIT, fam.


John Kim


I'm a classical pianist/cellist who loves to DJ! Also a snowboard maniac.. Do I eat to live, or live to eat? Gimme food and you'll find out.


Jeffrey Kim


After I've done enough tech stuff, I plan on living a peaceful life running a bakery and practicing my cello.


Nicholas Saavedra


Dude, I almost had you.


Wonjune Kang


I enjoy bad puns more than I should, and I'm also the resident wannabe oenophile. You'll be able to find me at the squash courts!


Chiho Im


I mean eric's the new webmaster right?


Austin Wang


I went to Puerto Rico with Theta Xi before I even was a brother. I look forward in life.


Stijn De Graaf


Collectors' item: last edition Cambridge Exchange student in physics. Has personality as well as thick Brittish accent!