The Front



The front patio is a great place to set up shot for a grillout, and with our brand new grill, we take advantage of all the good weather days that Boston has to offer.

64 Commons



The pool room in 64 Commons looks out onto Bay State Road and is equipped with a beautiful, full-sized pool table that used often by brothers.




This is where the magic happens, friends are made, and good drinks are served. The bar is equipped with a brand new Keurig, a microwave, a fridge, a hand-espresso maker, and a full stock of different types of tea.

66 Commons



The living room in 66 Commons is decked out with 60" LCD TV, Wii U, XBOX, and a small-stage sound system for events. If you're not psetting, or hanging out in the bar, this is the place to be!

The Dining



The dining room can comfortably seat 20 people, and is usually filled with brothers Sunday-Thursday evenings for meals cooked by our private chef.

A Brother's



Rooms range from smaller singles to very large triples (as seen on the left). Some rooms have sturdily built lofts as well as store bought-ones to maximize space.

The Riverview



The roofdeck has a direct line of sight to the Charles River, right where the 4th of July fireworks are set off, and is a great place for events and stargazing on a good night.


During the summer, we rent out rooms to boarders. If you would like to make an inquiry, please send an email to